What power supply do I need?

All of our mobile Coolrooms require a standard 240V (10amp) power supply.  Your standard household electricity.  A 25m extension lead is supplied with all hires.  All of our Coolrooms are "tested and tagged".  Bendigo Coolroom Hire can also supply a suitable generator to run the coolroom if you don't have access to power.

I do not have a Power Supply..Is a Generator available to hire?


We can supply you with a generator when you do not have a 240V power supply available.  You may be in a remote location that doesn’t provide access to power or in the event of a lengthy power outage or emergency.  Please talk to us about powering the mobile Coolrooms when a mains power supply is not available. 

Do the Coolrooms have shelving?   

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Yes all of our Coolrooms have interior, adjustable shelving, giving you 3 levels of shelving to stack and pack your food, produce and drinks safely and efficiently.  Our display units with glass doors have clear display shelving to show all our your goods to potential customers.  Alternatively, if you don’t want any shelving, it can be removed upon request.

Is there internal lighting?

Yes there is an internal light that is operated with a light switch, located near the door of the Coolroom.  Our display Coolrooms are equipped with bright LED lighting to display your products for sale.

What size/type of Coolroom should I hire?

Depending on the size of your event and how you want to use your Coolroom, there are three main options.  The standard Coolroom (6x4) is ideal for home parties and small events, while the larger cool room may be better for larger scale functions.  The glass door Coolroom is perfect for displaying and storing beverages and food, and allows guests easy access and self-serve capabilities with 2 glass doors.  This Coolroom is perfect for markets and stalls selling food and beverages.  For more information please call us for further assistance.

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Is delivery available?

Yes we can deliver and pick-up where ever required. Please contact us for a quote on delivery.  Alternatively, all Coolrooms are located in Bendigo and pickup is available.

How much space does a Coolroom require?

When choosing which coolroom is right for you please consider any clearance restrictions. Do you have sufficient height, length and width to accommodate the coolroom? Are there any gateways, trees or roofs that the coolroom needs to clear? Please check the exact dimensions with our friendly staff to ensure the Coolroom will fit in your available space.

How can we help you?

We are all about 'Chillin'..no matter what your needs!

Can I park the Coolroom anywhere?

Flat, level, solid ground is the ideal terrain for setting up the coolroom. The wheels should be chocked to prevent movement.

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How long can I hire a Coolroom for?

You can hire for as long as you need. A day, a week, a month or a year, is OK with us.

Can I lock the unit for security?

Yes, we ask that you lock the Coolroom with the trailer lock provided and the entry doors to protect your goods.  Please remember it is your responsibility to ensure that the Coolroom is placed in a secure location to prevent damage, graffiti or theft.

Do I have to clean the coolroom after I hire it?

Yes you must clean the Coolroom after use. We wash and sanitize all of our coolrooms before and after they are hired so that your Coolroom is ready for immediate use. We do ask that you remove all contents and any rubbish and give it a general washout for any spillages in the Coolroom before returning it. If the coolroom is returned dirty a cleaning fee will be charged to the hirer.

How can I pay for the hire?

We accept cash, Direct Debit, VisaCard and MasterCard and require payment prior to delivery.


If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact our friendly staff who will be happy to help you with your inquiry!

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